REVIEW: The After Hours Review

Huge thanks to Veronika for her kind words about The Ark!

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“Released just two months ago, Long Island’s A Band In Ship released an eight-track record “The Ark” that will put you through a musical ringer. As a first time listener, A Band In Ship truly gave me something intriguing and unexpected to listen to: every second when I thought I was able to pin this band down to one specific genre they would completely switch it on me yet somehow still make it sound absolutely fantastic. Though I do make comparisons to different bands and musical stylings, let it be known that this band and this record was probably one of the most difficult to write about without simply saying “just go listen to it and you’ll see what I mean, it’s really fucking cool”. Nevertheless, read on about this absolute awesome find of a band and their wicked release of an album!

When I’m listening to a new record to review, what I love to do is to listen to it from beginning to end as I think it really gives a great profile of the artist, the record, and all-around the intended message of it. A Band In Ship’s “The Ark” is no different and I’m so happy that this was the first thing I listened to that would be my introduction to this band: “The Ark” hits every note of a fantastic album in my book, from infectious riffs to a sense of not being able to know what to expect every second. It’s a journey that I would highly recommend to listen to on long car rides or even as something to put on during weekend house parties.”

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